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Why we are different..

Choice-based learning & activities
Reggio Emilia Approach
Connecting to Nature
Open-ended Activities & Sensory Experiences
Yoga, Music & Movement Classes by Professional Instructors
Bring Like-minded Parents Together by Hosting Workshops & Events
Self Development Activities Incorporated into the Program to Inspire and Empower Your Child
Opportunities to Practice the Art of Philanthropy and Learn the Importance of Giving

Preschool-Enhanced Care for Children Ages 0-5


Loving and Patient Childcare

Learning Through Play

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” – Clay P. Bedford

Our main objective is to have fun, improve social skills, and encourage creative expression and a strong sense of self.

We will accomplish this goal by learning through play. We will utilize a variety of both Waldorf and Reggio Emilia-inspired activities to accomplish this goal.

Personalized, Student-led Learning

Each child is in charge of designing their own unique learning plans, customizing how and what they will learn based on their own interests, curiosities, and learning goals. This not only teaches them about who they really are as a person, it also teaches them to take charge of their life, to goal set and to use every situation as a learning experience.

A low student to teacher ratio will allow one on one connections. Instead of pre-planning by theme, teachers will observe the children and plan based on what they are interested in on a day to day basis then provide many activities stationed around the subject. Their interest in each subject may last a month or even just an hour, but it will always be recognized and supported by our team.

Mindfulness, Rituals and Routines

As much as I believe in the power of choice, kids do thrive when they follow a similar daily routine. Nap, meal times and quiet time will always be at the same time.

As an entrepreneur I have always been driven by goals, and have been successful using visualization, setting intentions, and meditation to achieve the things I desire. I have read countless books in hopes of mimicking successful people that I look up to and was pleasantly surprised when I realized they all had morning routines that consisted of some form of meditation, visualization, positive affirmation and goal setting. I know this is important and Science has backed it up in numerous studies and research.

We will encourage (but not force) children to get involved in our Miracle Morning Ritual. As well as our Gratitude circle that will take place at the end of the day.

Many opportunities to encourage mindfulness during the day will also be encouraged including mealtimes.


Good communication is of the utmost importance. When a new family is accepted into the centre, we want to be sure that we can share openly about any concerns or questions that may arise. We will become your child’s team and support system.

On top of the regular license-required parent packages and forms, parents will be asked to fill out a questionnaire all based around their child’s interests, passions, and learning style. This will give us a jumpstart and personalized plan of action to create a space that fosters learning through their own unique interests.

It is very important that there is constant communication between the parents, children and teachers. The idea is that we will create a team of people that love, support and care about them. When they grow up and move on in life they will know the importance of surrounding themselves with people that support them and have their best interests at hand.

Fostering a Connection With Nature

All toys, products, furniture and food will be natural, organic, outdoorsy, Earth-conscious, and Nature-Inspired. 

#202 - 20395 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge, BC
Tel:  (604) 459 9559

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